Thursday, 25 September 2008


Oh dearie me...

Locked out of my blog again! I went off round Europe having wonderful adventures for a while but when I came back I'd forgotten my user name this time. What a ninny. But my head is rather filled with new adventures instead.

Today I'll start with an old adventure..

There was one wonderful night. I met a fantastic man from the USA. He was my only American night time companion. He was in advertising at the time, going on to become famous in fashion at a later date (and little did I know - famously married).

Well he was charming, funny, charismatic and we hit it off. At some point in the evening, we inevitably became really very engrossed in each other's company.

So much so that we hadn't noticed a candle slip onto the giant cushion that we were on. Oh dear. How annoying. So we simply dashed it down to the bath and ran some water over the flames. But our flames were still alight - it didn't dampen our spirits as we sunk straight back into each other's arms. Oh the puns you can use regarding flames of passion! He went back to New York after that, but we'll always have... the cushion that caught on fire..

I'm always amused by little incidental things that crop up at times like that. So I may work through my collection of such events. One of my many collections.

The images here are of the incredibly talented Pene Durston's crocheted tree. She has a boutique called Cottage Industry and I would so love to pop in on her and her chums one day. They all seem so high spirited, full of beans and craft. Perfect.


sneakycrafty said...

Hello Elsie, I just wanted to let you know that I've just discovered your blog through Miss Pen Pen, and I love it!
Chrs, Alina

Jo said...

Hello Elsie, I'm a new visitor to your blog, I love it so much I have given you an 'I Love Your Blog Award'

dell said...

ello elsie, she's a true inspiration, you too!

Mike or Kim Buchheit said...

my spirits needed a lift today, and lucky me happened upon your delightful blog... i will enjoy visiting it frequently from now on. thank you, elsie :)