Sunday, 14 December 2008

cool as a cucumber..

I think this 'senior' chap looks great..

Thursday, 11 December 2008

senior style - pink lady and friends

Pink. I'm not keen on pink for younger women/girls. Adopting an air of fluffy subservience serves mostly to annoy me.

But on older people it can act as a great big exuberant exclamation mark. What joy!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

stylish seniors

I'm going to post a few pictures of senior people who (I feel) look good in their skin. Here's a woman I only caught the back of. Couldn't get the camera out in time, which happens so frequently that I may start a series of images of 'the backs of stylish people'!
More to follow.

Friday, 5 December 2008

the zimmers

I'm in Thailand for a little while, having an adventure and feeling the sun on my skin.

In my absence, this video is wonderful. The only negative is that I'm not in it!

(I can't believe I've just 'uploaded a video' all on my own! How wonderfully geeky I've become)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


photo courtesy of prick your finger

Just a very quick note to urge you all over to the prick your finger blog where they've been burning men's pants and having so much fun. The blog is sheer joy throughout - full of fascinating information along with stunning craft and art. The girls are amazing, you won't be disappointed. Thankyou Elvis for pointing me to them, it could be my new 'virtual' spiritual home!

Monday, 13 October 2008

eye of the beholder....

apologies for not being able to credit this image - I've no idea from whence it came

No, that's not me in the picture! However a few dear 'virtual friends' have sent it to me with much amusement.

Which made me wonder if there is anywhere with photos or images of 'cool' older people. Why do we get written off as we get older, when surely we've been around longer and some of us may have developed a deeper level of taste or identity?

Please send me any images you think show great looking older people and help me show the world that we're fabulous too.

And whilst I'm here - I should quickly refer you all back to our previous conversation about thongs vs. big knickers and say that with reference to the above photo, I'm forced firmly back to the big knicker camp - there comes an age when it's time for a clacker clamp-down, surely?

cheerio all

Thursday, 25 September 2008


Oh dearie me...

Locked out of my blog again! I went off round Europe having wonderful adventures for a while but when I came back I'd forgotten my user name this time. What a ninny. But my head is rather filled with new adventures instead.

Today I'll start with an old adventure..

There was one wonderful night. I met a fantastic man from the USA. He was my only American night time companion. He was in advertising at the time, going on to become famous in fashion at a later date (and little did I know - famously married).

Well he was charming, funny, charismatic and we hit it off. At some point in the evening, we inevitably became really very engrossed in each other's company.

So much so that we hadn't noticed a candle slip onto the giant cushion that we were on. Oh dear. How annoying. So we simply dashed it down to the bath and ran some water over the flames. But our flames were still alight - it didn't dampen our spirits as we sunk straight back into each other's arms. Oh the puns you can use regarding flames of passion! He went back to New York after that, but we'll always have... the cushion that caught on fire..

I'm always amused by little incidental things that crop up at times like that. So I may work through my collection of such events. One of my many collections.

The images here are of the incredibly talented Pene Durston's crocheted tree. She has a boutique called Cottage Industry and I would so love to pop in on her and her chums one day. They all seem so high spirited, full of beans and craft. Perfect.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

incogknito love knitstable

It's been a short while since I've blogged, for which I apologise. Frankly, I overdid it with my gay pride clubbing, podium dancing and general debauchery. Unfortunately, since then I've been tired. At my age, what did I expect? But me oh my, it was worth it!

So - back to business. Well - I will not go on about my previous love life (and there I was ready to tell you about the fire that happened once whilst I was in the middle of stunt socks). My grandchildren are a little concerned! Oh dear... the family are concerned about granny again and that does nothing but make me feel naughty. I just can't help myself, it's a red rag to a bull, but I will respect them here (for now). It was my grandson that blew the whistle when he helped me start this blog. But I think they wouldn't really want a grandmother that waffles deafly on about angina and incontinence pads would they..?

Here is a little bit of guerilla knitting that caught my eye and my heart.

In Whitstable, for their recent biennale the town was hit by guerilla knitters who call themselves 'incogknito'. I am looking forward to seeing more of what they do and also hope that any of you my dear readers might send me images of your guerilla knitting, craftivism or general shenanigans..
Guerilla knitting at Whitstable Biennale courtesy of incogknito guerilla knitting girls.
I have a feeling that you can click on the photos to make them bigger.

Cheerio for now.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

dorian leigh

Dorian Leigh died recently at the fabulous age of 91.
She had a divinely racy, truly colourful life. Her first modelling assignment was based on the condition that she shouldn't pluck her eyebrows. Ha!
Supermodels are generally the playthings of rich playboys, delivered to yachts to look pretty and - well I think we all know what women are prepared to do for handbags and diamonds.
Dorian Leigh bucked that trend. She was a supermodel, yes, but she was the one that had young, beautiful male lovers who were sometimes poor, that she would take along on assignments. How marvellous! She also had a string of wealthy husbands. Of course.
Said to be the inspiration for Holly Golightly, I find her an inspiration and I am about to take her lead and attempt to humbly follow in her footsteps as I go out and taste every moment, savour every delicious experience.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

gay pride...

It was gay pride here recently. So that's where I've been and what I've been up to. It was delightful.

Here I am at my age... now fully able to.... 'podium dance'.

What a raver! And you'll be pleased to know that of course my apple-catchers stayed at home!

I may need to sleep this week, but oh my, it was worth it. I didn't take the drugs - poppers and ecstacy are not for me. But when I get started on that podium, ooohh me oh my, I felt 18 again.

Thank you to my wonderful gay friends here. I am so happy today.
Will blog properly once recovered!


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Approaching 100

Oh me oh my. Thank you so much for leaving comments and contacting me via email.

I am THRILLED to hear from you all and so excited that you enjoy my nonsensical waffling! My curious little blog has had nearly 100 reads so far. I wonder who on earth they are?

Today I only have time for a quick little post. At my request Elvis kindly sent me some of her private photos of guerilla knitting. She calls hers, '(sub) urban knitting'. Please all of you do send me your photos as I would love to post them here.

Thank you Elvis for being supportive, indulging me and sending links and tips. I will hopefully be adding the links soon.

Also - thank you to Miss Pen Pen - you've been a delight and I am so utterly thrilled to see you mention me on your blog. I really feel like I'm out here in blog world, fitting in and finding my way. It's such a blast. Please do tell me all about the knittti-fiti-ffiti-ti-ti-ti... event, I want to know all about it and any other similar things.

I'll have more tales from my life this week (a la bathroom sink). Today I have family coming to visit, so there are beds to be aired and apple pie to be baked. But mischief will no doubt rear it's head if I try hard enough... and rest assured I will!

Oh - nearly forgot - one last thing. A silly thing, of course. A challenge for you very fashionable young gals. Now - you may all be wearing thongs as pants. Like flossy cheese-graters that get lost up your gorgeous little backsides. Well, I must say, quite frankly, radically even.. they chaffe. Surely I can't be the only person that thinks that..? Yet still I wear them as my wardrobe dictates. In the privacy of my own home where VPL isn't a problem (visible pantie line), I wear what we in the UK call 'apple-catchers'. In my day as youngsters we would go scrumping - that's nicking apples from the orchards. We'd pull up our big knickers and store the stolen apples in them! But oooh, you don't know what you're missing. COMFORT!! So my challenge to you is - does anyone know of a way to wear huge knickers whilst remaining stylish? As a punky kind of pensioner I pride myself on trying to remain current, edgy and wearing my 'mojo' with pride... but big pants... that's my weaknes... any tips would be so welcome.

Signing off for today.

Monday, 7 July 2008

mentioning the unmentionable...

Well now. I may be old but that also makes me experienced.. and when it comes to romance and erm, hanky-panky well, through the mists of time I've formed some opinions.

So I was talking with my dear friend Pearl this week about the difference between emotional s*x and easy s*x (let's call it 'socks' for now). You know, good old-fashioned girl-talk, chewing the cud about one night stands... what's really empowering for women... all that kind of stuff.

Nowadays men and women are free to 'tiptoe through the tulips' more easily than in my day. That doesn't mean it didn't happen... but it definitely is easier now. My (current) humble opinion is that the only way to be promiscuous and 'empowered', is to always use integrity and to be really bloody honest with yourself about who you are and what really 'honestly' makes you happy.

One night stands are fabulous. Hanky-panky 'arrangements' are fabulous. But I actually think in the end, really deep love will make for the best, most intense... 'socks' and a combination of both. There is of course a place for all of these things and all of them are grrrrreat! One night stands (let's call it 'stunt socks') where you tend to show off all your moves and go buck wild, buck naked. And why not. My only tip here would be to ensure the bathroom sink isn't going to fall off the wall (experience again). Not that I'm suggesting you carry out a conveyancing survey beforehand, of course!

Now the mistake a lot of people make.. is to then be used for it so of course to not be the one in control. Now, a merry old tiptoe through the tulips should never be mistaken for love or affection. It is just a physical act, so frequently a part of love, but not exclusively. In order to really be empowered, you have no better, more powerful tool than your personality. Nobody can ever replicate that, your individuality can never be repeated. That is what will really empower an individual. Their mind, integrity, personality...

My body is old now. But it's a precious map of experience. Men who love me, love my wild mind and all the tales I hold in it. They love the places I've been, the people I've met, the opinions I've formed, the sparkle in my eye and the unpredictability of my nature. And lo and behold.. they do love me and I am still attractive to them. And I can assure you I'm not 18 any more.

As well as Pearl, I've also been discussing socks this week with a beautiful young woman I know who was finding this line between passion and power confusing. She wanted to be in control but quickly realised that stunt socks alone wasn't the key for her. Being desirable and able to choose who she 'sang show tunes' with wasn't enough. It's because she's so bright, vivacious and intelligent.

For women, it's not their privates that are their last line of defence, but their hearts and ultimately the deadly combination of the two. It's not until they can truly differentiate between the two and understand those feelings between passion and love that they can really be empowered. Choosing who visits Cybil Shepherd's Bush or dangling your jingly-janglies around town... isn't empowerment, it's just cheap advertising. Bargain basement. Pound shop. Mass manufacture.

I suppose what this tired old broad is trying to say is that 'empowerment' is nothing to do with 'power'. Just good old-fashioned respect. Which you start by giving yourself and earn from others. I think that's the most you can expect from anyone. And of course, giving respect to other people is nice too.

Cheerio for now.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

knitta please

Well they say there's no fool like and old fool... I certainly am that! I keep on locking myself out of this blog. Keep forgetting my password. So I write it down... and can't remember where... what an old fool I am! But still I refuse to sit at home like a pensioner.. getting all miserable and letting my mind wander off into old age... Surely it's better to let my heart and hands wander...?!
So today I wanted to show some images from knitta please. I think they were one of the first groups (or 'crews') doing knitted graffiti, starting in 2005. It seems the idea came from their frustration at having lots of unfinished knitting projects. Now who in the world can't relate to that?!!
So off they went. All over the world. Even the Great Wall of China!

photograph by Ben Sayeg

These people really warm my heart. They've covered everything, from scooter and car antenna's to railings and stools. And they have a man in their group, which warms my heart another little bit. And old ladies need a lot of warmth, so I get every little bit of pleasure available in any given day.
You can go to their website by clicking on this link (Oh I do hope this works)
And their flickr gallery by clicking on this link

And by the way, if any of you ever feel prompted to go out and do some guerilla knitting or public stitching of your own, do please get in touch with me and share it as I would love so much to hear from you.

Cheerio then.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


So a few new thoughts from an old lady... I do wonder what is wrong with girls today. Do they feel the only way to validate themselves is by being photographed for mens magazines...

Once there were women known as suffragettes. They fought so hard for us. Now so many of our young girls are throwing it all down the drain, preferring to be judged by the size of implanted breasts they can buy or how many men lust after them. They don't choose the calibre of these men, they are simply dribbled on by anyone in a magazine shop. Is that empowerment..?

It makes me so happy to see women thinking about where they live and finding ways to move craft along with these new, exciting times and out of the realms of 'women's work'. To make it come alive and to live with all of us as we trundle through our day to day lives. I'm not suggesting this is in some way a feminist act, but certainly a welcome and refreshing one to my rambling, cluttered old mind.

These images are from a group in Stockholm called Masquerade. They seem to have so much fun doing it. My favourite is the statue with sweatbands round the wrists of the nymphs.

Over the next few years it will be interesting to see where this leads. I hope we see more of it. I hope we see a resurgence of women choosing to be seen as individuals, with or without a suntan & mini skirt... It would be interesting to see art and craft all over our streets, people being creative and sharing that with their community as this latest craze is doing.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

punk pensioner

urban knitting - knitta please

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elsie Dinsmore - you can read more about me in my profile. Hopefully this blog will be a place for me to explore my interests and pick up a few more chums along the way. I probably won't be a reliably regular blogger...I'm quite erratic by nature. But isn't it better to be off having a fabulously wild adventure than here looking at a keyboard...?

Getting to this ripe old age has been liberating. Not that I was ever... 'repressed', but in the UK, well age isn't exactly celebrated by most people. But I do. I celebrate every day. I squeeze every little drop of juice there is to be had. I'm a bit of a punk pensioner - I will go out with a BANG.

So here I am in blogland, a fully paid up member of the silver surfer society and here are some of the little discoveries I have made...

urban knitting - knitta please

I'm really excited about this urban knitting thing (pictured above) which I found through Knitta Please. Isn't it a positive thing to give a little love to where you live, to make mischief that's not negative and attractive to view... which is surely quite unusual in this day and age. It would be a good thing to see more youngsters (and of course us oldsters) making the environment beautiful.

joetta - little yellowbird

It is also wonderful to start learning more about the craft and art community, which seem to overlap so much these days. I like this blog (see pictures above and below) Little YellowBird. This very real and emotional young girl, Joetta, has taken us along with her on a journey into her studies and her life, her feelings and her insecurities. Now when I was young this kind of connection with other people just didn't exist. I do admire this interesting artist and her open nature.

joetta - little yellowbird

By reading Joetta's blog I read some comments, which encouraged me to find other blogs. Now isn't that amazing! What a thrill. There is so much out there. I can't wait to explore more... a blog I found because of Joetta, is lovely textiles by a woman called Elvis!

elvis robertson - lovely textiles
(Of course - what's not to love about a woman having a name like that!) She is taking me on a journey through the current landscape of knitting, opening my eyes and mind to the huge variety of artists and the oh-so many ways of looking and approaching the same craft/art form.
elvis robertson - lovely textiles
Her approach is varied which will no doubt keep it interesting and her personal writing really strikes a chord of humour and insight. Her family, even her detailed drawn diaries of debauchery and naughtiness (my favourite!). But it is not all about her - she is generous to the artists of whom she speaks, clearly very passionate about the subject.

elvis robertson - lovely textiles

I am actually so excited I feel a bit giddy. I want to speak to all of these people. I want them as my friends. It looks like the internet could do that for me.

My life has been wild... thrilling, horrid at times, hurtful, painful, joyous... oh so very many things. I have searched long and hard to have the right people around me, to cherry pick my favourites. I've never discriminated - just wanted to have interesting characters around me. Age, gender, sexuality, class, colour, culture, status, religion... none of those things have ever mattered. But I do respect kindness, humour, creativity and of course actual real honest emotions. What a journey I feel I am about to embark upon here in this new (to me) virtual world. Yet more adventures to be had.

urban knitting - knitta please

But now the sun is shining at last so I think I will sign off and go and squeeze some of that life that I can see outside my window. Maybe I'll knit a bus stop cosy or such-like!

elvis robertson - lovely textiles

Please do email me or leave comments. I do so look forward to hearing from you all. Hoping you have a very lovely day indeed.