Wednesday, 21 May 2008


So a few new thoughts from an old lady... I do wonder what is wrong with girls today. Do they feel the only way to validate themselves is by being photographed for mens magazines...

Once there were women known as suffragettes. They fought so hard for us. Now so many of our young girls are throwing it all down the drain, preferring to be judged by the size of implanted breasts they can buy or how many men lust after them. They don't choose the calibre of these men, they are simply dribbled on by anyone in a magazine shop. Is that empowerment..?

It makes me so happy to see women thinking about where they live and finding ways to move craft along with these new, exciting times and out of the realms of 'women's work'. To make it come alive and to live with all of us as we trundle through our day to day lives. I'm not suggesting this is in some way a feminist act, but certainly a welcome and refreshing one to my rambling, cluttered old mind.

These images are from a group in Stockholm called Masquerade. They seem to have so much fun doing it. My favourite is the statue with sweatbands round the wrists of the nymphs.

Over the next few years it will be interesting to see where this leads. I hope we see more of it. I hope we see a resurgence of women choosing to be seen as individuals, with or without a suntan & mini skirt... It would be interesting to see art and craft all over our streets, people being creative and sharing that with their community as this latest craze is doing.

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