Wednesday, 2 July 2008

knitta please

Well they say there's no fool like and old fool... I certainly am that! I keep on locking myself out of this blog. Keep forgetting my password. So I write it down... and can't remember where... what an old fool I am! But still I refuse to sit at home like a pensioner.. getting all miserable and letting my mind wander off into old age... Surely it's better to let my heart and hands wander...?!
So today I wanted to show some images from knitta please. I think they were one of the first groups (or 'crews') doing knitted graffiti, starting in 2005. It seems the idea came from their frustration at having lots of unfinished knitting projects. Now who in the world can't relate to that?!!
So off they went. All over the world. Even the Great Wall of China!

photograph by Ben Sayeg

These people really warm my heart. They've covered everything, from scooter and car antenna's to railings and stools. And they have a man in their group, which warms my heart another little bit. And old ladies need a lot of warmth, so I get every little bit of pleasure available in any given day.
You can go to their website by clicking on this link (Oh I do hope this works)
And their flickr gallery by clicking on this link

And by the way, if any of you ever feel prompted to go out and do some guerilla knitting or public stitching of your own, do please get in touch with me and share it as I would love so much to hear from you.

Cheerio then.


pen said...

we love you elsie!
my friend Beck wants to be you when she grows up!
don't misplace your password- we want more posts
we are about to have a kniffitti event here in Melbourne in September
will send photos of urban craft!

elsie dinsmore said...

Oh girls - how wonderful to hear from you. I'm so very excited to get comments, it's so.. 'cool'!! Thank you so much. Please do tell me all about the 'kniffitti' - I've never heard of it before. Perhaps I should come and visit. And I'll be very thrilled to receive photos of urban craft. This blogland is quite a delight!