Monday, 13 October 2008

eye of the beholder....

apologies for not being able to credit this image - I've no idea from whence it came

No, that's not me in the picture! However a few dear 'virtual friends' have sent it to me with much amusement.

Which made me wonder if there is anywhere with photos or images of 'cool' older people. Why do we get written off as we get older, when surely we've been around longer and some of us may have developed a deeper level of taste or identity?

Please send me any images you think show great looking older people and help me show the world that we're fabulous too.

And whilst I'm here - I should quickly refer you all back to our previous conversation about thongs vs. big knickers and say that with reference to the above photo, I'm forced firmly back to the big knicker camp - there comes an age when it's time for a clacker clamp-down, surely?

cheerio all


sneakycrafty said...

Funny you should ask Elsie, as I saw Patti Smith last night, on stage with Philip Glass and Lenny Kaye, in a dedication to Allen Ginsberg. I thought, you know, Patti Smith has to be the coolest woman (and person) on the planet, what a woman, and what a great role model. She's ageless in that you don't think of her age: she's Patti!!

pen said...

oh my!
oh oh my!
this is so a reminder to grow old gracefully
I'm in shock
and laughing so hard I think my cup of tea is going to come back up
oh! my!

shula said...

Well, she has nice shoulders...

And I suspect that's the only part of her that wasn't surgically altered circa 1981.

memo to me: don't do that.

screaminglulu said...

That is such a scary photo!! Those boobies! Those bones!! how hideous and sad.

Ive found your site via the lovely elvis and am loving it.

marjee said...

I just found you too via Miss Pen Pen and you ROCK! (as does she)
try looking at Advanced Style - great older style in NYC by Ari Seth Cohen.