Thursday, 10 July 2008

Approaching 100

Oh me oh my. Thank you so much for leaving comments and contacting me via email.

I am THRILLED to hear from you all and so excited that you enjoy my nonsensical waffling! My curious little blog has had nearly 100 reads so far. I wonder who on earth they are?

Today I only have time for a quick little post. At my request Elvis kindly sent me some of her private photos of guerilla knitting. She calls hers, '(sub) urban knitting'. Please all of you do send me your photos as I would love to post them here.

Thank you Elvis for being supportive, indulging me and sending links and tips. I will hopefully be adding the links soon.

Also - thank you to Miss Pen Pen - you've been a delight and I am so utterly thrilled to see you mention me on your blog. I really feel like I'm out here in blog world, fitting in and finding my way. It's such a blast. Please do tell me all about the knittti-fiti-ffiti-ti-ti-ti... event, I want to know all about it and any other similar things.

I'll have more tales from my life this week (a la bathroom sink). Today I have family coming to visit, so there are beds to be aired and apple pie to be baked. But mischief will no doubt rear it's head if I try hard enough... and rest assured I will!

Oh - nearly forgot - one last thing. A silly thing, of course. A challenge for you very fashionable young gals. Now - you may all be wearing thongs as pants. Like flossy cheese-graters that get lost up your gorgeous little backsides. Well, I must say, quite frankly, radically even.. they chaffe. Surely I can't be the only person that thinks that..? Yet still I wear them as my wardrobe dictates. In the privacy of my own home where VPL isn't a problem (visible pantie line), I wear what we in the UK call 'apple-catchers'. In my day as youngsters we would go scrumping - that's nicking apples from the orchards. We'd pull up our big knickers and store the stolen apples in them! But oooh, you don't know what you're missing. COMFORT!! So my challenge to you is - does anyone know of a way to wear huge knickers whilst remaining stylish? As a punky kind of pensioner I pride myself on trying to remain current, edgy and wearing my 'mojo' with pride... but big pants... that's my weaknes... any tips would be so welcome.

Signing off for today.


shula said...

That's a tough one, Elsie.

I always thought there were two kinds of women in the world, the ones who wear thongs, and the ones who want a comfortable bum.

I confess I'm one of the former. I swiss hooker I used to pull beers with many years ago taught me that a Woman of Class never, EVER shows her panty line, no matter how chaffed she may be feeling.

I must confess, my considerably younger and fresher faced self took her advice to heart.

You get used to it, anyway.


A Member of your Staunch Melbourne Fan Base.

pen said...

How about lovely silky sexy cami-knickers? Although even those can go up the clacker!
I'm a sucker for the cotton undies, comfort above all else!
Strangely I think g-strings/thongs/arse-flossers are even more visible than a classic cottontail
I firmly believe vpl should make a come back- in a nice way of course.
Actually there are a lot of young designers doing bog-catchers to go under sexy sheer garments.
Love my mum's stories about knicker elastic going whilst dancing- never stop to pick them up just step out and keep dancing. A lady wouldn't deem to notice.
There is a label called VPL that did the most fantastic corsetry/medical based underwear a few years ago. Really cool.
We love you Elsie!

connie said...

Greetings from South Carolina. I have so enjoyed reading your blog!

I am of no assistance as I like plain, white cotton undies much to my dear husband's dismay!

lovely textiles said...

Ha ha!
Elsie - you need lanacane anti-chafing cream!!

Of course - you need to also beware of the dreaded whale tail.. Which is worse... a hint of knicker through clothing, or a big old smack in the eyes of wedgie and all that entails...?!

Ellen Coyle said...

Love the blog.

I'd personally recommend that people embrace the big knickers - white Cottontails are essentially a giant canvas, why not break out the texta/marker/sharpie and decorate them? It's like having an exhibition in your pants.