Sunday, 27 July 2008

dorian leigh

Dorian Leigh died recently at the fabulous age of 91.
She had a divinely racy, truly colourful life. Her first modelling assignment was based on the condition that she shouldn't pluck her eyebrows. Ha!
Supermodels are generally the playthings of rich playboys, delivered to yachts to look pretty and - well I think we all know what women are prepared to do for handbags and diamonds.
Dorian Leigh bucked that trend. She was a supermodel, yes, but she was the one that had young, beautiful male lovers who were sometimes poor, that she would take along on assignments. How marvellous! She also had a string of wealthy husbands. Of course.
Said to be the inspiration for Holly Golightly, I find her an inspiration and I am about to take her lead and attempt to humbly follow in her footsteps as I go out and taste every moment, savour every delicious experience.

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